Thank you again for agreeing to participate in the Philly professional business and beauty NIGHT COMPETITION  and/or HAIR BASH SOIREE the date is Sunday April14, 2019 ,.


The entry fee is $50.00. individual or $100.00 salon  each person will receive 5 tickets or 10
for salon. 
 tickets are $25.00 a piece. as your reward for participating you will sell 5 tickets (salon 10) and keep the money for the other 5 tickets (salon 10). you will also receive one complimentary ticket to the expo, salon (2)  please make sure you invite and share with your friends, family and co-workers. if you need any additional tickets, let me know.


HAIR BASH SOIREE– individuals showcasing their talents , techniques and performance. this is not a competition but an opportunity to let everyone see your stylist expertise. make it fun and exciting.

INDIVIDUAL 45MIN performance.

SALON  5-10 minute performance.


We are expecting this to be a great networking event for our fellow stylist and barbers in the industry.



Philly stylist are looking for an awesome weekend, and we will definitely give them a show.
thank you again. if you have any questions or concerns please call

610-352-3515 or email us at