Thank you again for agreeing to participate in the Philly professional business and beauty NIGHT COMPETITION  and/or HAIR BASH SOIREE the date is Sunday April 23, 2017 , each participate has 45 mins to complete their look. you want to give the crowd a performance.


The entry fee is $100.00. each person will receive 10 tickets, tickets are $20.00 a piece. as your reward for participating you will sell 5 tickets and keep the money for the other 5 tickets. you will also receive one complimentary ticket to the expo. please make sure you invite and share with your friends, family and co-workers. if you need any additional tickets, let me know.


Each participate has 45 minutes to complete their look. only one winner per category. the makeup and avante gard will collaborate together for their final look. the makeup will be done prior to the competition and you can adjust for the final look within the 45 mins. you will be judged by 5 of Philadelphia’s top hairstylist and barbers. so, bring your a game. you are expected to be at the hilton doubletree, no later then 6:30 pm so that you can receive your stage times , placement and category. .


HAIR BASH SOIREE– individuals showcasing their talents , techniques and performance. this is not a competition but an opportunity to let everyone see your stylist expertise. make it fun and exciting.


We are expecting this to be a great networking event for our fellow stylist and barbers in the industry.


If you have not sent in your professional pic for the final lineup flyer. please do so immediately so that i can finalize flyer


Philly stylist are looking for an awesome weekend, and we will definitely give them a show.
thank you again. if you have any questions or concerns please call 215-432-5578 or email us at