Do you have a team or network that you can count on that everyone works together to get the job done?


The Beauty Foundation was created to equip and empower aspiring Cosmetology  Students and the Leaders in the Beauty  Industry with resources, solutions and connections to help them grow personally and professionally.

Well, we here at “THE BEAUTY FOUNDATION , which is a network of Industry Leader Professionals that came together to collaborate , network, host events, educational classes and webinars.

This Foundation provides informative meetings, classes or webinars to bring updated information, techniques, hands-on etc. to students and professionals in the beauty industry. We partner with you when hosting events to ensure that your event is full with students as well as get the word out about your event. Guaranteed successful events each and every time! We also mentor and assist up and coming leaders by pairing them up with seasoned leaders to guide them on their professional journey. We will create a Plan in Motion for the student for when they enter the professional world.  Members will have access to discounts on classes and events, private group meetings, support and information and resources to help you reach your professional goals.

We provide discount and full scholarships for advanced education and mentorship through partner companies when qualified.